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5 Tips to Help Feel Motivated

Need some help to feel motivated? We’ve all been there! Whether it’s in life, work, weightloss or anything else, we all have moments where we feel like we’re sinking and we lose motivation!

As you may be aware if you follow my instagram or twitter, I’ve been away with our daughter for nearly a month, in Italy. We are lucky to have family retired there who are more than happy to have us for lengthy visits each summer. It means we can have a holiday, but also just live out there, work remotely and have support with childcare. It really is a lovely situation and since going freelance and since hubby started his own agency, we try to maximise the flexible-working.

Before the holiday

Before we left in June, I was maxed-out, mentally! Our little one has never slept through the night more than two nights in a row and she’s nearly two, so we’re always sleep deprived. We were six months into a total home renovation (The House Project) and it felt like it was never going to be finished and we were 3 months into selling our old home. That, teamed with running our own businesses and bringing up a toddler, meant that we were both burned-out. Exhausted.

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5 ways to combat tiredness

So anyone who is a parent will know what it feels like to be truly tired. In fact, exhausted. It’s like a whole new level of tired when your baby doesn’t sleep. I’m into month 13 now of broken sleep – a three hour chunk without disturbance is good for me…oh how I long for 6 hours!

But it’s not just parents that feel tired, there are many reasons why at any given time, 1 in 5 people feel tired and 1 in 10 have prolonged fatigue (according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists). It could be stress, overwork, home-life, work-life, worry, a significant event like moving house or getting married, illness….the list goes on.

Sometimes it isn’t always possible to increase the hours you sleep, but there are ways you can help combat that feeling of exhaustion (even if just a little bit). I am by no means an expert, so these are only tips that I’ve personally found have helped and are there to offer some advice. If you are seriously struggling, it is always best to see your GP first and foremost.  So here are my 5 ways to combat tiredness…Continue reading

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17 things to make you smile

With the inspiration of a new year and fresh starts, I’m exploring self-help techniques to enhance my life and today I’m thinking about things to make you smile.

Smiling and laughing is so important, but sometimes it’s like we have to remind ourselves to do it every now and then. With the stresses of modern daily life, financial worries, work troubles and self-image issues that we carry around with us, we often find that we frown more than we smile. And it’s pretty obvious that when we smile, we’re happy and when we’re happy we feel better. So we need to keep smiling people!Continue reading