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Baby Bjorn Mini – Baby-wearing moments

Anyone else considering baby-wearing? It’s something I couldn’t get the hang of with my first and I always regretted it. But it’s hard to find a baby carrier suitable for newborns isn’t it? So when I was gifted the Baby Bjorn Mini to try and realised it was suitable for newborns weighing 7lb and up, I was so excited to try it and took baby Rudy out for his first carried walk at just over a week old.

Check out the short video to see the Baby Bjorn Mini in action and here’s what I’m thinking so far…Continue reading

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Postnatal Home Workouts You Can Actually Do – Part 3

Ok so if you’ve missed part 1 and part 2 of this series then…where have you been?! I’m focusing on working-out when it seems impossible (well it did for me anyway!), after giving birth! I’ve teamed-up with personal trainer Vicki Mellard, who has a wonderful ethos about feeling good about ourselves and has trained in pre and postnatal fitness…

I explained to Vicki that there’s a lot of pressure on new mums to look good and “bounce-back” to their pre-pregnancy body immediately. There’s also absolutely zero time to do anything about it when you’re a new mum as chances are you’re entirely absorbed in this new life you’ve created and working-out exactly what it means to be a parent!

I told Vicki that although I was aware that, after 19 months, I still wasn’t at my goal weight, that my focus was much more on feeling good and getting fit so I had plenty of energy to be a mum to a non-stop-toddler.

And finally, I explained to Vicki that between being a mum, working and managing a house renovation, I simply didn’t have a spare moment in my diary (or penny to spend) to get out to the gym. And guess what? Vicki explained to me that I could make a start and some good progress at home, with nothing but a bit of floor space, a chair and an exercise band. I’m in!Continue reading

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Postnatal Home Workouts You Can Actually Do

Today I’m coming from a slightly different angle in my motherhood series of posts – I’m going to talk about postnatal home workouts.

Now I want to start with a massive disclaimer – THIS IS NOT TO MAKE YOU FEEL SH*T ABOUT YOURSELF IF YOU’RE NOT WORKING OUT AFTER YOU’VE HAD A BABY!!! Seriously, if you’re not ready, don’t do it!

Believe me! I didn’t start doing any form of exercise until about 6 months after my daughter was born (other than endless walking round the block with the pram that is) and even then, it was minimal – and I mean about 10 minutes, maybe twice a week…if I was lucky!

Then I’d say in honesty, my little one is now 19 months old and I still haven’t managed to get into a good routine with working out…Continue reading