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A Spring Family Photo Shoot with my DSLR

I absolutely love photography. I love looking at photos, I love taking photos, I love being in photos – I’ve always been this way.

I guess if I think back, it has probably got something to do with the fact that my dad always had a 35m camera and would bring it on holiday with us, or to the school plays or sports days. He’d always snap us having fun and being a family and we’d excitedly pop down to the local photo-shop to have them developed. The wait would be agonising, sometimes a couple of days before we could see the photos. But that moment when you flicked through the pack, remembering the shots you took, the good times that were had and laughing at the shots that didn’t come out quite right.

Then you’d pop the best ones into albums and place them on the bookshelf for a rainy day, when you’d enjoy reminiscing over the photographs again…loved those days!

We don’t really get that anticipation anymore with the way technology has progressed and there’s good and bad points to that (something I’ll keep for another post methinks)…but, I digress…Continue reading