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Barton Arcade Manchester and the Barton Bloggers

A few weekends ago I got to do something really cool with a bunch of awesome bloggers from WeBlogMCR…we got to be #BartonBloggers for the day and get to know the ins and outs of Barton Arcade, Manchester.

When I was invited, I was promised opportunities to discover new shops, eat, drink and catch-up with some fabulous Manchester bloggers – how could I possibly say no? The 5 hour fun-filled day flew by and we all left Barton Arcade excited about the new things we’d discovered. Want to know what they were? Read on…

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The 1st WeBlogMCR meet-up

As I’m still fairly new to the world of blogging (about a year into this blog), and still fairly new to the city of Manchester, I realised that I wanted to meet other bloggers in the north. I wanted to meet like-minded people, who are into blogging and make new friends…ahhhh.

So one evening I thought I’d send a tweet out to see who else was up for meeting bloggers in their area, to see if I could find a few others up for an informal drink and chat. Well I certainly didn’t expect the response I got! Tweets and RTs! Before I knew it, I had over 20 awesome bloggers interested and a spread-sheet was forming.Continue reading