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Sky High Afternoon Tea with WeBlogNorth – 100 feet up

Being a blogger, I get invited to some pretty cool stuff, but last week’s event with Robert’s Bakery, may have to top them all! When I was invited to a Sky High Afternoon Tea, at The Etihad in Manchester, I didn’t give much thought to what that actually meant, only that it sounded awesome and involved food! I rallied some WeBloggers together and the next thing you know, we’re standing in the ‘departure lounge’ ready for our flight, and it dawns on us that we’re going to be heading-up 100 feet in the air for our afternoon tea!

Now I’m not the best with heights and I’m certainly not an adrenaline junky, so the thought of being strapped into a chair, feet dangling, 100 feet up, wasn’t the most comforting notion. But how could I not do it? Surely it’d be a once in a lifetime experience?…Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea at the Great John Street Hotel

I had the pleasure of enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester recently – one of my favourite hotels!

Me and the girlies enjoyed the Ladies Afternoon Tea but also got stuck into the Gent’s versionΒ too (yes, they have a different, more masculine offering for the lads). The girls enjoyed theirs with a glass of bubbles, but I had mine with sparkling elderflower, which made me feel like I was drinking πŸ™‚

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