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manchester house review hollygoeslightly
in Food Lovers, Restaurant Reviews

Manchester House Review

Strangely, it’s taken me a while to dine there, way too long in fact. I’ve talked about it loads, drooled over friend’s photos from their dinner there and stalked the online menu. But last week was the first time I’ve actually dined there myself and therefore I feel compelled to share my Manchester House review.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably saw my sneak peak photos (if you don’t, then follow me!). Well I can’t wait to share the rest of them with you, including a cheeky little video below…Continue reading

wedding planning with pandora hollygoeslightly
in Lifestyle

Wedding Planning with Pandora

You might know from reading this blog that I am now officially my own boss #GirlBoss! I love it. I have three jobs really (I know!)…1. Commercial Director for a seriously awesome Growth Marketing Agency, 2. Blogger (hells yeh!) and 3. Wedding Planner.

The latter is in some ways, what I’m most proud of, as it’s 100% my own business, started from scratch. Wedding Planning is something I’ve always loved to do, used to do in a previous career down in Buckinghamshire and now I offer my services to wonderful engaged couples across the UK. I’ve had my first two couples book me for 2016 and am now embarking on finding more of you awesome people to hire me for 2017 and beyond.

Part of Wedding Planning is knowing the industry – attending wedding fayres, keeping up with the Jones’s on social media and reading wedding mags. What a tough job huh? So recently, I spent my Saturday morning flicking through the latest wedding mag, donning my Pandora jewellery.Continue reading

marina di pisa hollygoeslightly
in Italy, Travel

Marina di Pisa

It’s taken my a little while to get this post up (sorry) and it already seems life a lifetime ago that we were at Marina di Pisa. It was actually back in July.

As you’ll know, we are getting to know Tuscany very well by now. Our family live approximately thirty minutes in the car from Pisa Airport and we do the drive regularly when we’re there, picking up guests and dropping visitors off. Yet somehow, despite doing the drive so often, we somehow didn’t quite pick-up on a beautiful seaside town and resort, sign-posted, called Marina di Pisa. Continue reading