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small bathroom makeover tips shower
in Interior Inspo, Interiors

Small Bathroom Makeover Tips

Thinking about the design of our new place and the room sizes this week. Particularly the bathrooms. Our family bathroom will be a decent size, but our downstairs shower room will be pretty cosy! So it’s going to be vital to make it look and feel bigger, so people actually use it and it’s not just a wasted room.

Decorating small rooms is never easy. You have to be particularly careful about the colours you choose, and the layout. If you get either of these elements wrong, you can easily end up making the space seem even smaller.

I’ll be posting my specific bathroom design ideas along this journey, but for now, I thought I’d share some small bathroom makeover tips, in case you, like us, are blessed with a “cosy” bathroom…Continue reading

in The House Project

The House Renovation Project – Week 4 Update

We are now nearing the end of 4 weeks into The House Renovation Project and I thought you’d better have an update. If you’ve been following, you’ll know we are creating a downstairs open-plan living space that will be part of the original house and part new extension. We’ll also be going upwards and converting the loft, so give us the family home we desire.

4 weeks in and there’s been a helluva lot of progress…Continue reading

Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
in Lifestyle Photography, Parenting

Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District

I am so excited to finally be kick-starting a new series on my blog – Lifestyle Photography. This series will be a collection of lifestyle photoshoots, including: maternity (or bump) shoots, newborn shoots and family shoots. Why? Because I love photography and I love the informality and honesty of a lifestyle photoshoot. I like looking at ordinary people, living their lives and capturing special memories on camera. I hope you do too.

I’m honoured to be able to share photoshoots from other couples and families…a sneak peak into their lives for a moment. Eek! Here we go…Continue reading