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tuscan birthday party hollygoeslightly
in Italy, Travel

A Tuscan Birthday Party – Landmark birthdays

All this cold weather and Wanderlust is making me think back to warmer times this summer, when we were in Italy. This year was the year of the birthday with both myself and my mother-in-law having landmark birthdays and luckily we were able to celebrate them in Tuscany. A Tuscan birthday party is a wonderful thing…it’s full of sunshine, swimming pools and Prosecco. My favourite things. Continue reading

working from home christy 7 hollygoeslightly
in Freelancer Life

Working from Home and Hygge

Since August this year, I’ve been officially self-employed. It’s a constant mixture of pressure and doubt, teamed with excitement and endless possibilities. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives (so far) and I’m loving every minute of it.

I get to do something different each day, combine 3 different “jobs”, work flexibly, be my own boss and work from home.

Working from home is one of those things that on the outside, seems the ultimate luxury. But on the other hand, means you have to be self-motivated and have the will-power to not do all those jobs around the house that need doing (you know, laundry, washing-up, general tidying) instead of your work.Continue reading

Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
in Interiors

Christmas Home Decor Ideas

With just 12 days until Christmas, we should all be in the festive mood. But is your home feeling festive too? There’s still time to gather some Christmas home decor ideas and make your home look like it could be in a magazine.

Here’s some Christmas decor inspiration that I’ve found that might give you a few ideas for the festive season.Continue reading