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how should i feel in the first trimester of pregnancy
in Motherhood - My Journey

How should I feel in the First Trimester of Pregnancy?

As I’ve decided to share my experiences of pregnancy and parenthood, I thought I’d look back on my diary, to note how I was feeling at each stage of pregnancy. It’s interesting reading it back and I’m glad I documented this crazy, special time. But also perhaps it’ll put some other mums-to-be’s minds at ease and assure you that you’re not the only one going through these changes and feelings. It can sometimes be lonely and unnerving as you don’t know how and what you should be feeling. So I thought I’d put together a personal series – ‘How should I feel in the First Trimester’ – in order to try and help with some of those questions you might be keeping to yourself (particularly if you’ve not shared the news yet!…Continue reading

in Food, Travel

Things to do in Whitby, Yorkshire

If you keep up with my insta-stories, then you’ll know that a couple of weekends ago, we went for a weekend away to Yorkshire. We lucked out and had the nicest weather of the year so far! We love Yorkshire, but it remains largely undiscovered to us. As we knew we were in for fine weather, we decided to hit the coast and discover some of the things to do in Whitby…Continue reading

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moments together hollygoeslightly
in Family, Lifestyle

Moments Together – Number 1

So I’ve decided to refresh HollyGoesLightly a little bit and make it simpler for you to tune-in and follow!

So with that in mind, I’ll be largely posting certain content on certain days, as follows:

Monday –

#MomentsTogether (a new series, of which this is Number 1, focusing on those special moments in life, shared with others). It’ll be a video post or gallery of photos.

Wednesday –

Food or Travel (does what it says on the tin! These will be my restaurant reviews, foodie posts and travel/holiday content). These will be full blog posts with photos and/or videos.

Friday –

#MummyFriday (a series of parenting posts). This will be a mixture of my reflecting on my pregnancy and time as a mother, other mummy stories and guest-written posts and anything focussing on parenting really.

Sunday –

House & Home (all things interiors and home related). This will be anything from design and styling inspo posts, to #TheHouseProject updates, to product reviews or recommendations.Continue reading

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