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Family Holiday Photography – Wales

Recently we ventured out with our friends and their kids to North Wales for a relaxing beach holiday getaway. I went armed with my Canon DSLR and we had the best weather and the BEST light for our family holiday photography. I was beaming and couldn’t stop shooting – I took thousands of shots and have had so much fun looking through them and picking my favourites.

If you’ve followed this blog or my instagram, you’ll know I’m really into photography, particularly shooting people and particularly lifestyle photography (i.e.. capturing moments and nothing too posed). Now we have a child, it’s even more important to me to capture the memories that we’re making together. So no better opportunity than on our holiday to the beach…Continue reading

Brewski Chorlton – A Review
Brewski Chorlton – A Review
Brewski Chorlton – A Review
Brewski Chorlton – A Review
in Food Lovers, Restaurant Reviews

Brewski Chorlton – A Review

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get along and try out Brewski Chorlton! It’s a travesty, I know! As a foodie in Manchester, I’m totally spoiled with a plethora of amazing places to eat and experience exciting food, but when a new place opens in my local area of Chorlton, I’m literally chomping-at-the-bit to try it. So although it’s taken me a few months, I eventually headed to Brewski with my hubby and daughter in tow, last week.

Was I disappointed? Read on to find out…Continue reading

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House Renovation Project Update – The Final Stretch

As we are nearing the final stretch of our home renovation, I thought it’d be a good time for a brief video house project update…

House Renovation Project Update

It feels like everything’s slowed-down a bit over this last few weeks, as there’s been less builders on site and the decorating side of things just isn’t as quick as the structural changes of previous weeks.

For the first 10-12 weeks, everything moved so quickly and there were changes every time we went to site, so it was instantly gratifying. But the last few weeks it feels like nothing is changing, though we know it is, slowly and our builders are working very very hard. Continue reading