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hello fresh review
in Food

Hello Fresh Review – Cooking up a storm

We’ve been getting Hello Fresh boxes for about two months now and have cooked over 24 meals, so I thought now would be a good time to write a bit of a Hello Fresh review.

This by no means is a sponsored post, it’s totally genuine and is aimed at you fellow foodies and anyone considering the food delivery boxes…Continue reading

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in Motherhood - My Journey

Throwback Thursday Pregnancy Bump

I don’t always remember to do these throwbacks, but it’s nice sometimes to reflect isn’t it? So I’m jumping on the throwback Thursday bandwagon and sharing some images from the past…

In this digital age, where we all take photos on our phones and upload them to Facebook, we don’t always look back do we? We don’t have photo-albums to pull off the shelf and flick through, in the way we used to (well I actually have made a point of printing photos of our little girl now and making proper real albums out of them!) and holding a real photo, something tangible, seems quite rare.

So throwback Thursday is a nice reminder to actually sift through all those photos on your computer and pull out some of your faves. So that’s what I’m doing today…Continue reading

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small bathroom makeover tips shower
in House & Home, The House Project

Small Bathroom Makeover Tips

Thinking about the design of our new place and the room sizes this week. Particularly the bathrooms. Our family bathroom will be a decent size, but our downstairs shower room will be pretty cosy! So it’s going to be vital to make it look and feel bigger, so people actually use it and it’s not just a wasted room.

Decorating small rooms is never easy. You have to be particularly careful about the colours you choose, and the layout. If you get either of these elements wrong, you can easily end up making the space seem even smaller.

I’ll be posting my specific bathroom design ideas along this journey, but for now, I thought I’d share some small bathroom makeover tips, in case you, like us, are blessed with a “cosy” bathroom…Continue reading

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