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my gift to her christy
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My Gift to Her – Happy Mother’s Day

March 2017 has already seen International Women’s Day (I wrote a little post about what that means to me) and it’s not long until Mother’s Day now. So it clearly is the month where we should celebrate the special women in our lives and think about the gifts they’ve given us to make us who we are today. Naturally, the female who has always been a consistent, strong, loving influence in my life, is my Mum. Today, I’m thinking about my gift to her…Continue reading

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First Trimester Morning Sickness

I hear that some ladies are lucky enough not to experience nausea during their pregnancy. However I’m sure that the majority (including me), do!

My personal experience was nausea from about Week 7 through to Week 12. And it certainly isn’t “morning sickness”, it’s “all day every day, hit you any time, anywhere sickness”. I had an almost constant feeling of wishy-washy nausea, but never actually threw up. I guess I was lucky, as I know a lot of women vomit a lot, causing dehydration and weight-loss. I however, just constantly felt off-colour, for about 80% of the time that I was awake, occasionally wretched here and there, but never vomited…Continue reading

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