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ssense alexander mcqueen scarf
in Lifestyle

Alexander McQueen – Winter Clothes and Accessories

Now I’m not usually one for high-fashion and designer labels (though I do dabble occasionally), but on a recent browse through the internet, I found myself off on a tangent when looking for a winter brolly (as clearly, we are not getting a summer here in the UK!) and I stumbled across this amazing collection of one of the best designer brand is Alexander McQueen that had everything from clothes and handbags, to brollies and accessories.

I’ve always known and loved the British fashion designer Alexander McQueen for his unique, edgy and effortlessly chic designs. So stumbling across some of the Autumn/Winter pieces, I had to delve in and have a look…Continue reading

wedding band
in Wedding

Hiring the Right Band for Your Wedding

Most couples like to personalise their wedding as much as possible. After all,it is their special day. So, it is only natural that they want it to be memorable and to be a reflection of their personalities. A good way to ensure that this is the case is to choose a theme and use that to inspire each aspect of the wedding. This makes it easier to ensure that everything hangs together and goes smoothly.

Paying attention to what may seem like small details is essential…Continue reading