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A day at Wimbledon 2013

With Centre Court tickets in hand, we made our way to Wimbledon 2013 for the Men’s Quarter Finals, featuring Andy Murray last Wednesday. And what a day it was!

We enjoyed Prosecco and Pimms on Murray Mount before heading into watch the Men’s Quarter Finals on Centre Court and what turned out to be an incredibly riveting 5-set match of tennis. Lucky me and hubby.

So we caught the Virgin train from Manchester to London on Tuesday night and stayed over at my folks place. Waking up bright and early on Wednesday morning, we were both really excited that we’d got tickets in this year’s ballot to Wimbledon. We made our way there via Charing Cross Station, so we could enjoy a leisurely walk along the Thames and over to Waterloo. I love London!

Here’s our view from Waterloo Bridge. Stunning! Although overcast, we could feel the warmth in the air and I was dressed for a Summer soiree 🙂

View from Waterloo Bridge London

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in Italy, Travel

A honeymoon in Italy – Part 1 – Venice

We had the most wonderful honeymoon in Italy, in May this year. It sounds totally corny but it was everything we had dreamed of. The sun was shining (almost continually), the water was glistening, the food was outstanding and the Prosecco was flowing.

When picking a honeymoon destination, all the usual hot spots came up for discussion; The Maldeves, USA, The Bahamas, The Carribbean etc etc. All of which would have been amazing I’m sure. However, we wanted a honeymoon full of culture, food and relaxation and Italy came to mind. It also has the added benefit of being just a 2 hr 1o min flight away. We both like to relax, chill and sunbathe on holiday, but both also get bored quite quickly, so wanted somewhere with plenty of towns to visit and experiences to have away from the pool. Italy was the best honeymoon choice EVER!

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in Wedding

New Covent Garden Market – picking our wedding flowers

The New Covent Garden Market is THE most awesome, inspiring and vibrant place. I can’t believe I’d never been before!

My incredibly talented friend and florist Pascal Gabory, kindly offered to be the florist for our wedding, which was great as I trust him immensely and have seen his work over the years and have never been disappointed. It also meant that I knew I’d get just want we wanted and that he’d totally get it. I had the added bonus of being able to go along with him to help choose our flowers and daddy came too. So off we went to choose our wedding flowers.

It was a sunny morning, 2 days before the wedding when we arrived New Covent Garden Market. I had a spring in my step as I was back in London, excited for the days ahead and the sun was positively shining. As soon as we walked in, I was happy. There were rows and rows of gorgeous, vibrant flowers just waiting to be picked for our wedding. I knew we wanted our flowers to be natural, spring-like with lots of creams, ivories, greens and blues. So where to start…

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