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Madame Gautier – a new restaurant in Kensal Rise, London

Following on from my post about the Notting Hill Carnival, I thought I’d stay on the theme of north-west London, where I grew-up and where my folks and friends still live. So here is a short-piece on a new restaurant I discovered on Kensal Rise – Madame Gautier.

Now having been born and bred in the same house and only leaving for university and then to move up to Manchester in 2011, I’ve seen Kensal Green and Kensal Rise change immensely over the years. It has gone from somewhere people hadn’t even heard of and a bit rough around the edges, to the trendiest place in north-west London, full of yummy-mummies and trendy bars (with property prices soaring to reflect this).

Growing up, I never thought I’d see the day when there would be an array of amazing eateries, pubs and cafes to go to locally. I no longer needed to go out of the area for a night out, it was all happening in Kensal…and I loved it. So in honesty, it was a bit of a wrench to leave all that and my friends behind when I moved up to Manchester, but my folks still live there so I always enjoy visiting and feel I probably appreciate the area even more now.Continue reading

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Notting Hill Carnival – dancing and rum at the Good Times Bus

So this time last week I was dancing in the streets along with hundreds of thousands of other people, at the Notting Hill Carnival. What a day it was. As it does every year right on cue, the sun was shining and spirits were high.

Surprisingly although being on my doorstep all my life, I hadn’t been to the carnival since I was a kid. Having had a bad reputation for years, I’d avoided it and often went out of town for the August bank holiday instead. But having lived in Manchester for nearly 2 years now and with my folks moving out of my childhood home soon, it felt right to go back to my roots and spend my bank holiday Sunday at the Notting Hill Carnival.Continue reading

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Saturday Lunch in London – A review of Pitt Cue Co

I’ve been wanting to head to Pitt Cue Co for a long time now as I’d heard many good things (and I know it’s an inspiration for my favourite Manchester restaurant Southern Eleven). With a long bank holiday weekend in London and a love of ribs, that’s where we decided to have our lunch on Saturday!

Now the place is tiny…seriously tiny…they only seat 30! So you have to get there early or be prepared to wait. Luckily we were aware of this so were lurking outside like foody weirdos at 11.45am! I’m glad as we’d avoided breakfast and psyched ourselves up for some American ribby goodness, so were among the first bunch in and sat downstairs in their cosy, dimly lit dining area.Continue reading