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30-day Self-Portrait Challenge: #ABeautifulMess

One of my favourite blogs of the moment is the wonderful A Beautiful Mess. It’s packed full of lifestyle goodies: recipes, home, photography and other bits and bobs. Their website is visually stunning and both authors (Elsie & Emma) happen to be totally gorgeous and effortlessly cool. I’d love to photograph them!

Their latest photographic post is the ’30-day self-portrait challenge’ which I am whole-heartedly getting involved with. Everyone loves a good excuse to take a selfie.

The idea, from what I can gather, is to take a different self-portrait each day, in different circumstances. This will give you varied lighting effects, composition and different results each day. It’ll also probably make you a little bit more creative with your selfies 🙂

You then post them via instagram or on your blog with #ABeautifulMess. Elsie & Emma will be keeping an eye and eventually will pick a few winners to get a copy of their latest book.

My self-portraits will be added here daily and also on my instagram account. So please follow-me and join in! #ABeautifulMess #HollyGoesLightly

So my 30-day challenge starts today!Continue reading

in Lifestyle

No Pain No Gain – A Guide to Temple Spa anti-celullite

I’m trying a Temple Spa regime of ‘Go Figure’, ‘Giving it the brush off’ and ‘No pain No gain’.

My main “problem areas” are the backs of my thighs and my bottom. There’s definitely plenty of room to reduce the cellulite in these locations! I’ve only dared to bare recently on my honeymoon, where I felt anonymous enough in Italy and entirely content following the wedding. I followed a regime in the weeks leading up to my wedding and honeymoon and I’m going to continue following it again.

The wonderful Rachel Jebson of Temple Spa spotted me talking about my Bridal Body regime on my blog via Twitter months ago and mentioned some products that would help me along my way, if used in a routine and accompanied with a balanced diet and exercise regime. So I went online, purchased the recommended products and set off to achieve the cellulite-free body of my dreams.Continue reading

in Food Lovers, Restaurant Reviews

Madame Gautier – a new restaurant in Kensal Rise, London

Following on from my post about the Notting Hill Carnival, I thought I’d stay on the theme of north-west London, where I grew-up and where my folks and friends still live. So here is a short-piece on a new restaurant I discovered on Kensal Rise – Madame Gautier.

Now having been born and bred in the same house and only leaving for university and then to move up to Manchester in 2011, I’ve seen Kensal Green and Kensal Rise change immensely over the years. It has gone from somewhere people hadn’t even heard of and a bit rough around the edges, to the trendiest place in north-west London, full of yummy-mummies and trendy bars (with property prices soaring to reflect this).

Growing up, I never thought I’d see the day when there would be an array of amazing eateries, pubs and cafes to go to locally. I no longer needed to go out of the area for a night out, it was all happening in Kensal…and I loved it. So in honesty, it was a bit of a wrench to leave all that and my friends behind when I moved up to Manchester, but my folks still live there so I always enjoy visiting and feel I probably appreciate the area even more now.Continue reading