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Manchester’s Top 3 Bridal Boutiques – Wedding Tips

Continuing on with my Wedding Tips posts, I’m moving onto Manchester’s Top 3 Bridal Boutiques (in my opinion of course).

Visiting the bridal boutiques and trying on exquisite wedding dresses, was by far, the most enjoyable part of the Wedding Planning experience for me. You really do like an absolute star when you try on beautiful dresses.  Going back to wearing normal clothes is totally boring and ordinary afterwards, absolute anti-climax! Believe me, you’ll want to wear dresses like that everyday and you’ll be counting the days till you can wear your chosen one for real. What a feeling.

Since I planned my London wedding from Manchester, the bridal boutiques I visited were up north – and I enjoyed every minute of it. Luckily my mum and chief bridesmaid could come up to join in the experience with me and we had a fun, girly few days (involving glasses of bubbly too of course). I’d highly recommend the experience to all brides-to-be as you don’t often get the chance to be completely self-indulgent and have the focus totally on you (even the most modest would enjoy this). It also gets you excited about your big day and you can truly start to visualise yourself walking down that aisle in your chosen dress.

Even if you think you might get your dress made, or buy it online, don’t deny yourself the experience of the bridal boutiques. There is nothing quite like standing in front of a full-length mirror in an array of stunning dresses. And it can only help as you’ll see yourself in a number of styles and you might just find that you like something you didn’t think you would! I had a certain style dress in mind when I went to my first boutique, but quickly realised the style did nothing for me when I tried a few on! I’m glad, as I was so close to ordering a dress of this style online…imagine how disappointed I would have been!

So for all you north-west brides-to-be out there, grab your mums or bridesmaids and get yourself to a few bridal boutiques. You’ll love every minute of it.

Here is my opinion of Manchester’s Top 3 Bridal Boutiques. There are plenty out there, but these I have been to and would personally recommend.

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Manchester House and Artisan – a girly night of cocktails in Manchester

After a very long and tough week and to celebrate Lucy’s birthday, we headed out for a well-deserved girly dinner and cocktails at Manchester House and Artisan at Spinningfields, Manchester. And what a night it was, full of good food and yummy drinks.

Artisan is one of the latest additions to what has become the place to be for an evening out: Spinningfields. The interior is incredible and mixes the natural (indoor herb gardens grow by the open kitchen) with the industrial (exposed brick work and piping) to create an incredible loft-style space. It’s huge! The menu is impressive and reasonably priced, so it’s the ideal spot for a girly evening of food and drinks (my favourite kind of evening).

We started with a bottle of Prosecco to toast the birthday girl and moved onto Red Wine to accompany our steaks and sides. I had the fillet steak with hollandaise sauce and crinkle-cut chips on the side. Delicious, it was like cutting butter. Nothing beats a good steak in my books. The other girls had rump and t-bone (I surprisingly had food envy over the rump, which looked really juicey!).

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Link Loveliness – things that have helped me this week

This week’s Link Loveliness is all about sites and posts I’ve found that have helped me in some way this week.

With lots of changes happening in my life and lots of things happening very quickly, I’ve had to be organised and structured in the way I’m thinking about things. So these have helped in some way…

  • This one’s pretty obvious since we’ve just bought a new house (so much more on this to come)! Rightmove is probably the best property search engine out there in the UK and I’ve been utilising it’s helpful tools that show you other properties that have sold in the area you’re buying in, what they’re worth etc etc. So you know what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Home and Lifestyle Magazine’s website is full of inspiration for your home interior and other stylish bits.
  • When you’re buying a home, money obviously is at the forefront of your mind ALL THE TIME! You need to think about budgeting very seriously and it’s probably the single-most largest investment you’ll ever make in your life. Not to be taken lightly! And Money Supermarket gives you lots of simple, everyday tips that you can adopt to save cash daily.
  • Enough of the practical and onto the making it pretty.

So my week has been a fairly practical and grown-up one really. Full of mortgages, bank statements and solicitors (sometimes I forget I’m technically an adult and have to responsible things).

Have you got any helpful tips for getting through the home-buying process in tact?Continue reading