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peanut butter brownies ingredients
in Food Lovers, Recipes

Peanut Butter Brownies

Peanut butter and Brownies. Peanut butter brownies. Everything about this sounds right doesn’t it! Two of my favourite things combined in one delicious scrumptious pudding (or Sunday afternoon snack like I had them).

So when chilling out on the couch one weekend with nothing much to do and in definite need of some comfort food, I thought I might try my hand at creating my own peanut butter brownies. After all, with the new house comes a new domestic goddess me (yeh right!). So I donned my polka-dot apron, searched through the cupboards for the ingredients and tottered about the kitchen in my Betty Draper-esque way.

The best thing about this recipe is it’s super easy! And you probably have most of the ingredients already in the house. It takes about 15 minutes to prep and 20-25 minutes to bake…so for you fellow novice bakers, this one will impress!Continue reading

home inspiration house and home neon sign
in Interiors

How to get Home Inspiration – House and Home Series – Part 1

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know that we’ve recently moved into a new home – our first proper house! I’m therefore full to the brim with ideas and inspiration of all the things that I want to do to make it perfect and special and wow.

So I’m going to introduce a series of blog posts called House and Home, focussing on our plans and development of our new home over the coming months. There will be before and after shots, design inspirations and general thoughts and tips on how to get through it all. After all, it’s quite a daunting prospect and unless you have bottomless pockets, you want to get it right! For most of us, our house is the biggest purchase and investment of our lives, so we have to ensure the right amount of planning goes into our projects.

So welcome to my House and Home series – Part 1…Continue reading

hollygoeslightly things to make you smile
in Freelancer Life, Lifestyle

17 things to make you smile

With the inspiration of a new year and fresh starts, I’m exploring self-help techniques to enhance my life and today I’m thinking about things to make you smile.

Smiling and laughing is so important, but sometimes it’s like we have to remind ourselves to do it every now and then. With the stresses of modern daily life, financial worries, work troubles and self-image issues that we carry around with us, we often find that we frown more than we smile. And it’s pretty obvious that when we smile, we’re happy and when we’re happy we feel better. So we need to keep smiling people!Continue reading