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hollygoeslightly link loveliness
in Lifestyle

Link Loveliness – Fitness, Food & Marilyn Monroe

I’ve been doing a lot of inter-webbing lately. Partly for inspiration, partly to fill time on these cold-wintery nights we’ve been experiencing lately. This week’s link loveliness is full of all the bits that I’ve found have helped me so far this year or are in some way inspiring or interesting.

Some random bits…

hollygoeslightly chinese new year lanterns
in Food Lovers, Foodie Posts, Lifestyle

Chinese New Year Manchester

Today saw celebrations across Manchester City Centre, marking Chinese New Year – and what celebrations they were!

Manchester always does things like this very well. It’s lively, with enough going on that you feel part of something big. But it’s accessible, well-managed and easy to get around. We drove into the town-centre, parked up and within 30 minutes of leaving the front door, were amidst the street party.

The beautiful red Chinese lanterns adorned the streets, off-set beautifully against today’s bright blue skies. There’s a dragon parade, which we managed to catch the start of at the Town Hall on Alberts Square and then the middle of after we’d lunched in China Town. There’s lots of street-food, stalls, gifts and music too, taking over China Town. There was such a great atmosphere and the smells coming from the street-food was mouth-wateringly good.

hollygoeslightly chinese new year tree lanternsContinue reading

hollygoeslightly kitchen redesign
in Interiors

Kitchen Redesign – House and Home Series – Part 2

Continuing the House and Home Series, we’re concentrating on our kitchen redesign at the moment.

Although we had a decent sized kitchen in our last apartment, it opened onto the lounge, so didn’t feel like its own space. It was also purpose built for the apartments and didn’t really have any character. So when we bought this house, we were very excited about having a separate kitchen and although not huge, it’s a great size for a house of this type and plenty of room to do what we want. As we have a separate dining room, we also don’t have to worry about fitting a table in the kitchen itself. Continue reading