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Last week I was invited to an amazing The Body Shop Blogger Event at their store in the Manchester Arndale. I absolutely adore The Body Shop, so snapped up my invitation straight away.

The evening was a private showcase and shopper event, in-store, after hours. About 30 bloggers got to come along and hear the awesome Store Manager (sorry, I didn’t catch her name, but she’s in a pic below!) talk us through the range in store, the new products and how everything benefits your skin and body.

There were cocktails and mocktails on arrival (I loved my strawberry milk), white chocolate fountains, make-up demos and lots of lots of products on offer! If you had a Love Your Body card (or signed-up for one on the evening), you could have 30% off in store. Yes, 30%!!! I totally made the most of this little treat…ah thank you.

I often pop into The Body Shop as I know what I like, so I just dart in, grab my body butter and get on my merry way. It’s been a few years since I’ve properly perused the shelves, tried out the products, smelled all the scents. So it was a luxury and a much needed exercise, to be able to spend 2 hours doing this. I walked my way, slowly, oh so slowly, through the store – taking in all the colours and products on display. There were so many new things that I didn’t even realise they sold. And lots of new scents…strawberry, mango etc. I usually go for the coconut and buttery scents, but found myself drawn to the fragrant and fruity ones this time.

I also totally fell in love with their new Vitamin C range and quickly knabbed a Skin Reviver for my shopping basket. I was impressed by how it felt on the skin and didn’t feel greasy or leave residue at all. And it smelt sooooo good.

Being pregnant, I also wanted something to really relax and pamper myself with – plus something to help with all those aches and pains I’m feeling. So I went for this Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel, which tingles satisfyingly as soon as you lather it on and I swear it’s helping my swollen ankles. I also picked up an inflatable pillow for the bath, and some Thirsty Feet Moisture Socks, so I can lather my tired feet in moisturiser and pop the socks on before bed…bliss.

If you spent over £25 in store on the evening, you were treated to a selection of Mango goodies, free! How spoilt were we Body Shop?! I haven’t tried them yet, but they smell dreamy and I can’t wait to give them a go. I’m definitely set-up for Summer.

So it only leaves me to say thank you to the guys at The Arndale for organising and thanks to The Body Shop for selling such awesome products. 🙂

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body shop blogger event blogger selfie hollygoeslightly

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What’s your favourite scent from The Body Shop?