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Link Loveliness – Things what I’ve found

A short Link Loveliness this week, but here’s some things I’ve found on t’interweb lately:

What have you found on your internet travels lately?

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The 2nd WeBlogMCR meet-up

As you may know, I run a series of meet-ups for bloggers in Manchester and the North-West, called WeBlogMCR. The idea is for bloggers to meet other bloggers, share experiences, tips and inspiration and to meet people you might not otherwise meet. It’s a great chance to network and also generate some awesome blog content.

The 1st WeBlogMCR meet-up was held in June at The Whim Wham Cafe and was a great success with loads of lovely bloggers showing-up 🙂

The 2nd meet-up, I decided to host at Spinningfields on the Casillero del Diablo ‘Wine Legend’ bus, which was due to be on site for one day and one day only. Too good an opportunity to pass up!Continue reading