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Back in September, I realised that the year 2014 was running away with me and there was a lot I’d like to achieve before the year end. A month ago, at the beginning of October, I re-capped where I was up to with these 10 things and if I’d achieved any of them…in short, I hadn’t done too well.

Now, 2 months on, I thought I’d better see where I’m up to and give myself a kick-up-the-bum if needed. So here we go…

1. Lose 10lbs

I’ve yo-yo’d up and down over this last month, with a few lbs on, then a couple off, then a couple more off, then a few on and now I’m back losing each week. So all in all, I’ve lost 2lbs since my starting weight in September. That means I’ve got 8.5 weeks to lose 8 more lbs. I know I can do this! Easy peasy lemon squeezy (eek!). It means I need to maintain my 1lb per week loss, that I know I can do with Slimming World. So i’m feeling good about this goal.

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Slimming World – Getting my mojo back

I’ve lost my mojo in many ways over this last few weeks and have been feeling a bit low. I like to put a lot of it down to post-holiday blues and a 2-week cough and cold! But I also know that I need to re-energise myself and get my mojo back…and only I can do that!

One of the main things that affects my mood, is how I’m feeling about myself and in particular, my weight. Since the wedding, I’ve gone on a bit of a food-bender and disregarded my health and fitness almost entirely. And why the hell not? I was happy, I looked great on my wedding day (even though I do say so myself) and I worked bloody hard. So I deserved a reward. Problem was, the lbs sneaked on…and on…and on…and before I knew it, I was 2 stone heavier than on my wedding day. Ouch!Continue reading

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10 things to do before 2015 – 1 month in

You might have seen my post at the beginning of last month, listing 10 things I’d like to achieve by 1st Jan 2015! Just over a month in, I thought it might be worth re-capping and see where I’m up to with the list…

1. Lose 10lbs

Well I’ve lost 5.5lbs, but technically I put 4.5lbs on while on holiday in Turkey, so really I’ve only lost 1lb! Grrrr. Damn you all inclusive holiday. But I’m fully motivated to get 9 more lbs off by 2015, so watch this space!Continue reading