hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots ted baker travel bags

With less than 48 hours till we fly off to Italy, I thought I’d better get a few essentials for our trip. So I had a bit of a holiday haul in Boots and feeling all prepared!

I had 3 main objectives…skin, hair and nails!

No one wants to cart around a load of toiletries on their holidays. It’s only more things that might leak, or add weight to your luggage…so I aimed to get everything in miniature.

Here’s what I bought (and I used the points I’d saved from my Boots advantage card…bonus!):

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots


It’s essential to stay moisturised while you’re away, particularly if you’re going to hotter climates. You don’t want your skin to dry out. I opted for this dinky sized tube of Soap & Glory body lotion. Mmm smells good, with shea butter and aloe vera. It’ll keep my skin silky smooth, hydrated and is just the right amount to get me through a few days away.

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots soap and glory

If like me, you’ve only be subjected to the limited amount of British sun this year, then you might be a bit pale. I’m happy with my pale complexion, but also don’t want to look like a milk bottle against the olive-skinned Italians. So I bought this One Night Tanned instant beach-bronze buttergel. Again it smells great and coconut-y and is just a wash-off so will give good coverage for those first few days on holiday.

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots one night tanned

Your lips can’t be forgotten on holiday. Yes we’ll all be wearing the new shade of orange coral lipstick, but we’ve got to keep them moisturised too. I went for Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia. It’s 100% natural and gives a nice hint of colour you can wear all day.

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots burts bees

Probably the most important thing on your holiday in the sun is sun cream. It’s so key to protect your skin and not burn. So I opted for this Ambre Solaire factor 30 sun lotion. I prefer the lotions to the sprays, as they don’t have that funny alcohol smell.

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots skincare


It can be easy to forget about looking after your hair when you’re away and out of your usual routine. But it’s the thing that’s probably exposed to the elements the most. So again, I want to ensure my hair is nourished. I know there’ll be shampoos in the hotels that we stay in, but conditioner is key for my hair. So i’ve bought this neat travel sized bottle of Treseme conditioner. 

For those days packed full of sight-seeing and lazing around, when you just don’t have the time to wash your hair…Batiste Dry Shampoo. Being in the holiday spirit, I opted for the coconut tropical version (there’s a theme here!).

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots haircare


I’m loving all the colours on offer at the moment for nail varnish and am changing mine every other day! I usually stick to red for my nails, but have been experimenting with oranges, pinks and even tiffany blue! I couldn’t resist picking up this amazing Rimmel 60 seconds in ‘Mind the Gap, Victoria’. It’s a gorgeous pale lilac colour and will look great with a tan!

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots rimmel nail varnish

And so I can keep changing my nail colour while I”m away, I bought these simple Boots’ own nail varnish remover pads. Saves carting around bottles and cotton pads.

Other essentials

The other bits I picked-up today were:

Bio-oil – I recently had an operation and have a new scar, which needs protecting. Bio-oil is amazing for this!

Ted Baker Fragrance – instead of carrying around my favourite perfume all day, this fragrance is great to spritz on all day, keeping you feeling fresh. And it’s only £6!

Sure – everyone needs a good deoderant when they’re sweating in the sun. This one promises to leave you white-patch free.

Travel toothbrushes – We both have electric toothbrushes that we can’t be bothered to haul around with us, so this is a great disposable option. And only £1 each!

Toothpicks – keep your teeth fresh and free from plaque. Need I say more?

Hayfever tablets – I sometimes find my hayfever isn’t as problematic in other countries, but you never know! So I’ve stocked-up and it was buy 1, get 1 half price.

And what better way to carry this all around on holiday, then in these His and Hers Ted Baker toiletry bags. I love them! Mine was £10 and his was £15…which I think is a bargain!

hollygoeslightly holiday haul from boots ted baker travel bags

So there we have it. My holiday haul from Boots. What are your holiday essentials?