panasonic 4k tv

So during our renovation, as with most projects of this size, things took longer than expected and cost more money than budgeted…not too much more as I’m a spreadsheet queen, but enough to make us watch the pennies for a little while. So the finishing touches have been put on hold, the finessing and the fine-tuning of most of the rooms. In fact, it was really only the new open plan living space and kitchen and main bathroom that was 90% complete, which was intentional, as we knew this would be the space we’d spend all our time in…and we were right!

With the hubby into his technology and gadgets and being that we now live out of this new space, we chill, eat, drink, work, cook and play from this living space and guess what? We watch a lot of telly from the space too! So one thing we did treat ourselves too, was a new television and home cinema set-up. 

Panasonic 4K TV

We hadn’t had a new TV in a few years and with the emergence of 4K technology, I knew it’d be on the cards to get a new one when we moved anyway. After looking at loads online and in the shops, we were blown away by the picture quality of these TVs and also the size! We quickly talked ourselves up to a 65 inches (say what?!), which once it was installed, I couldn’t imagine anything smaller if I’m honest.

The new living space we’ve created, being open plan with a pitched roof, can take a larger TV too. We may have had to move the couch back a foot (*cough*) to make it comfortable viewing, but we’re so pleased with the results and it really has made a difference to our Friday night film nights and entertaining our friends. So far we’ve watched the boxing, had the girls over for film-night and our daughter just loves Peppa Pig in almost life-size form. Ha!

So we’re definitely not looking back. If you’re interested, there’s some similar Panasonic 4K TV ‘s here. I can’t believe they go up to 77 inches! Wowza!

Styling tips

If you’re worried about the impact of a TV on your interior space, here’s a few tips to help style it out:

  • try to position the TV centrally on your wall – it gives symmetry and the feeling of space, even on a smaller wall
  • we’ve gone totally white walls in our living space, which really offsets the larger 4k TV set and keeps the look clean and simple
  • mount the TV on the wall and hide any trailing cables – you don’t want this new addition to look messy. We mounted it straight onto the wall, leaving a gap to hide the box on the back of the TV and we even planned the installation in our renovation and hid the aerial cables in the wall cavity, so there were no trailing wires!

Are you thinking about upgrading your TV? I’d definitely recommend going large and going 4k!

This post was written in collaboration with Panasonic, but like with everything on this blog, I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t truly like it or think you’d like it. Title image source