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creating a luxurious bathroom gul freestanding bath hollygoeslightly
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3 Tips for Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

When we bought our current house, the existing family bathroom was tiny and we knew immediately we’d have to extend it. We wanted a larger more spacious bathroom, that’d give us a room for relaxation after a hard day’s work. We think we achieved that and actually, the bathroom is my favourite room in our house. In this post I’m going to talk about the 3 tips we used for creating a luxurious bathroom.Continue reading

Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
Christmas Home Decor Ideas
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Christmas Home Decor Ideas

With just 12 days until Christmas, we should all be in the festive mood. But is your home feeling festive too? There’s still time to gather some Christmas home decor ideas and make your home look like it could be in a magazine.

Here’s some Christmas decor inspiration that I’ve found that might give you a few ideas for the festive season.Continue reading

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Kitchen Extension Ideas

So we are about to take on one of the biggest projects of our lives (other than bringing up a small human being) and renovate an entire house that will hopefully become the family home we’ve dreamed of. One of the most exciting elements of the renovation will be an impressive back and side extension to the property which will form an open-plan family living space. So I’ve begun to think about kitchen extension ideas and here’s the areas I’ve been thinking about…

Continue reading