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Things to do in Whitby, Yorkshire

If you keep up with my insta-stories, then you’ll know that a couple of weekends ago, we went for a weekend away to Yorkshire. We lucked out and had the nicest weather of the year so far! We love Yorkshire, but it remains largely undiscovered to us. As we knew we were in for fine weather, we decided to hit the coast and discover some of the things to do in Whitby…Continue reading

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pregnancy cravings baked pb and j cheesecake
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Pregnancy Cravings – Baked PB & J Cheesecake by SpamellaB

As part of my #MummyFriday series, I’ll be welcoming guest posts from other mamas and mamas-to-be. I think it’s nice to not only share my own insight into pregnancy and motherhood, but that of others, as every journey and experience is so different!
This week, the wonderful SpamellaB, currently 6 months pregnant, has kindly shared a recipe that is indulging innocently and will hopefully satisfy some of those pregnancy cravings you may be experiencing. Even if you’re not preggers, this recipe is seriously delish! Who doesn’t love PB & J?! (Peanut butter and jam for you novices!)…

Continue reading

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bistrot pierre altrincham interior
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A #MateDate at Bistrot Pierre Altrincham

Another entry in my #matedate series of blog posts, where I happily, along with a mate, review some fab places to eat out in Manchester and the North-West. Tonight is the turn of Bistrot Pierre Altrincham…

#MateDate Bistrot Pierre Altrincham

This evening’s date was the gorgeous Stacey, who was equally pleased that there’s another great spot to hit on an evening out in Altrincham, rather than having to venture to town or the Trafford Centre as many have done previously.

Altrincham or “Alty” has definitely developed a bit of a foodie “scene” since I moved to South Manchester and has a great vibe and an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and market stalls…Continue reading

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