Motherhood – My Journey

My journey of Motherhood

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Finding out we were Pregnant and How I told him

It’s taken me a while to share the story of our pregnancy and my journey into motherhood on here, as I’ve been getting my head round it all and focusing on how to be a mum.

I hadn’t decided how much I wanted to share and have my daughter up here on the tinterweb, but I’m in a place now where it feels natural and okay to share it all. Flo is also inquisitive and continually photo-bombing me on social media, so seems she’s happy to be involved too.Continue reading

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Introducing #MummyFriday – a support network

It’s taken me a long while to get my head around what it means to be a mum for me. When I was pregnant and in that first year of parenthood, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to share on social and here on the blog. Although I’d share the odd post here and there, I felt like it was more important for me to focus on taking everything in in “real life” and concentrating on what it all actually meant. Plus figuring it all out!

Our little one didn’t sleep through till about 14 months old and even now at 18 months, she doesn’t do a full night without ending up in our bed. So a lot of the struggle was with exhaustion and not actually having the energy to focus on my blog, my work and anything other than being there for her. Continue reading