Motherhood – My Journey

My journey of Motherhood

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The First Scan – My Pregnancy

The 6 and a half weeks between finding out I was pregnant and the first scan (also known as the “dating scan”), were the longest 6 and a half weeks of my life!

Until the first scan, all you have to prove your pregnant is a stick you’ve pee’d on and nausea! So that first scan was one of the most significant and anxious moments ever! I felt quite calm about it all until the few days leading up to it, when I felt sick, had headaches and some serious butterflies in my tummy!

Luckily, my hubby is very laid-back and helps me not to worry in life…he’s a positive thinker. I, on the other hand, am a worrier! So although I knew chances were that everything would be okay at this point, I was still incredibly anxious and full of “what-ifs”.Continue reading

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Finding out we were Pregnant and How I told him

It’s taken me a while to share the story of our pregnancy and my journey into motherhood on here, as I’ve been getting my head round it all and focusing on how to be a mum.

I hadn’t decided how much I wanted to share and have my daughter up here on the tinterweb, but I’m in a place now where it feels natural and okay to share it all. Flo is also inquisitive and continually photo-bombing me on social media, so seems she’s happy to be involved too.Continue reading