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So I’ve decided to refresh HollyGoesLightly a little bit and make it simpler for you to tune-in and follow!

So with that in mind, I’ll be largely posting certain content on certain days, as follows:

Monday –

#MomentsTogether (a new series, of which this is Number 1, focusing on those special moments in life, shared with others). It’ll be a video post or gallery of photos.

Wednesday –

Food or Travel (does what it says on the tin! These will be my restaurant reviews, foodie posts and travel/holiday content). These will be full blog posts with photos and/or videos.

Friday –

#MummyFriday (a series of parenting posts). This will be a mixture of my reflecting on my pregnancy and time as a mother, other mummy stories and guest-written posts and anything focussing on parenting really.

Sunday –

House & Home (all things interiors and home related). This will be anything from design and styling inspo posts, to #TheHouseProject updates, to product reviews or recommendations.

What about the days in between?

Well when there’s more to talk about, I’ll post it on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. But largely speaking, if you tune-in, at 9am on the days above, that’s what you’ll find!

Moments Together

So without further ado, here is the first in my new Moments Together series. This one is a little insight to the silliness my daughter and I get up to when we’re left to our own devices.

It’s amazing what joy an insta-story and a cushion on the floor can bring!

Moments Together – number 1 from Holly Wood on Vimeo.

So there we have it. It’s Monday and there’s my Moments Together post! The first of a weekly series I’ll be running. 

Tune in on Wednesday at 9am for the next installment of HollyGoesLightly…new and improved 😉