After one of the busiest years of my life,  full of life-changing and momentous occasions, I’m ready for a couple of weeks off and for the New Year to come. Here’s my post on 2013, a year in instagram photos…

First things first, I got to spend the entire year, with my favouritest person in the whole wide world, my best friend and now my husband (ahhhh)…

a-year-in-instagram-photos-hubby a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoslightly-honeymoon-hubby-taking-photo a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-honeymoon-hubby a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-honeymoon-hubby-camera

Next was the year of the pulled pork – yes, nearly everything I ate, involved pulled-pork in some way, shape or form. So good!

a-year-in-instagram-photos-pulled-pork a-year-in-instagram-photos-pulled-pork-fries a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-pulled-pork

March – I was looking forward to getting married and my wonderful bridesmaids threw me the best hen do in London ever!

a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-hen-do a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-hen-do-hens a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-hen-do-hens-hotel

April – I became a Mrs…had the best day of my life marrying my best friend in front of all the people I love most in the world and saw my dream wedding become a reality…

a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-wedding-kissa-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-wedding-bridesmaids a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-wedding-dvd a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-wedding-venue a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-wedding-photobooth a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollywood

May – I had the best 3 weeks of my life with my hubby, on the most incredible honeymoon in Italy – Venice, Lake Garda and Tuscany. Perfecto!

a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-honeymoon-venicea-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-boat-honeymoon a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-honeymoon-lake-garda a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-honeymoon-venice-champagne-gondola a-year-in-instagram-photos-honeymoon-italy-sirmione-hotel-eden a-year-in-instagram-photos-honeymoon-venice-feet a-year-in-instagram-photos-honeymoon-venice-gondola

On the honeymoon, I tasted some of the best food ever, discovered my new favourite dish and even learnt how to make my own pasta ravioli!

a-year-in-instagram-photos-italian-tomatoes a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-making-pastaa-year-in-instagram-photos-homemade-raviolia-year-in-instagram-photos-spaghetti-limoncello

June – saw me embark on my 30-day self-portrait challenge…

a-year-in-instagram-photos-selfie a-year-in-instagram-photos-selfie-shadow a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-selfie

And we also rejoiced in watching Andy Murray win the Wimbledon Tennis Championships!

a-year-in-instagram-photos-wimbledon-murray-quarters a-year-in-instagram-photos-wimbledon-prosecco a-year-in-instagram-photos-wimbledon-murray-mount

July – surprisingly sunny and lots of Prosecco supped…


August – I became a Guinness World Record breaker!


And I can’t forget the Notting Hill Carnival – woop woop!


September – felt totally inspired and met some awesome blogging peeps, as well as the Headmistresses themselves, at The Blogcademy

a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-blogcademy-sleeping a-year-in-instagram-photos-hollygoeslightly-bunny-ears a-year-in-instagram-photos-blogcademy

October – I said goodbye to my childhood home in London, as my folks sold-up after 30 years to start the next chapter of their lives. I completely and utterly fell in love with this beautiful city and finally felt at home in Manchester! Gosh I love it tup north. I even nearly became a Mancoolian – what an honour!

a-year-in-instagram-photos-london-house-vases a-year-in-instagram-photos-london-house-lamp a-year-in-instagram-photos-london-house-corridora-year-in-instagram-photos-manchestera-year-in-instagram-photos-mancoolian

November  – this Winter I have been mostly enjoying festive cocktails and Manchester’s Christmas Markets.


December – we finally sold our flat and bought our new little house! Moving in day is next week, so more of that to come!


And 2013 also meant lots of this lovely munchkin…

a-year-in-instagram-photos-bobbi-looking a-year-in-instagram-photos-bobbi-sleeping-face a-year-in-instagram-photos-bobbi-sleeping a-year-in-instagram-photos-bobbi-woods

So there we have it, that’s 2013 a year in instagram photos. What a year it’s been! Mainly highs, but some lows too. Some of the most significant moments of my life have happened this year and I’m totally and utterly exhausted. Roll on 2014!

How are you tracking your year?