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So I’m Holly and I’ve decided to write a blog.  This blog is going to be about things that inspire me, things that I think are cool, things that I experience that I think are worth sharing , things that make me happy and a few bits in between. I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog…maybe. I’m not sure yet. I’ll let you decide that. Cue Hollygoeslightly.co.uk (sharp intake of breath!)…


Before I get started, I  better mentioned, if you like what I’m doing on here and want to work with me in some way (collaboration, submissions, sponsorship etc), then holla at [email protected] 


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I like to keep things light-hearted, informal and fun. I try not to take things too seriously and I really enjoy finding and looking at awesome stuff. Some of that stuff, I’ll talk about here, because hopefully other people will think it’s awesome too.

I’m obsessed with photography, so I’ll be mostly taking my own photos and learning on the job (bear with me, I’m a “budding” photographer, not a professional).

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I’m a Londoner, born and bred, and now a fully-fledged Mancunian (well I like to think so anyways) and I’m loving everything this city has to offer. There’s always inner turmoil between by southern pie & mash-loving self and the northern chips and gravy-eating me…I think there’s room for both don’t you? 🙂

And did I mention I like food? I like reading about it, watching it on TV, eating it and cooking it (but mainly eating it!). So you’ll definitely be seeing lots of that on here.

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I got married in 2013 to my best friend and my name is now officially Holly Wood. I’m back doing the thing I love – Wedding Planning and have just launched my own business Nicol and Wood so if you are engaged and looking to hire someone to make sure you have the best day possible, give me a buzz! It also means there’ll be lots of wonderful wedding bits on here too.

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We’re about to undertake a total house renovation in the Spring (ahhh), so there’ll be lots of style and interior inspiration posts, project videos and before and after pics.

We love to travel and spend a lot of time in Italy, so I enjoy documenting all the awesome places we go to, which might help some of you when planning your holidays.

And quite possibly the most significant thing of all, I became a mum last year. I’m totally winging-it, but it really is the best thing ever (bloody hard, but amazing). So there’ll be bits on being a mum, baby stuff and everything else that goes with it.

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Mostly, I’m just going to be true and honest to myself on here and let things grow and develop organically. Who knows in what direction this will go, but I’m bloody excited to find out. Let’s see what happens!


  • karl redford

    what a nice intro,things sound so great for the two of you,i don’t know much about blogs but i thought i’d tag along and see,your photo on google+ started this whole thing off,but mostly the fact that your living in Manchester ,i will be traveling to manchester one day with my wife,and look forward to seeing and experiencing
    your great city.life here it is pretty slow, but beautiful ,so photography is my thing to do.i live on vancouver island, british columbia, canada.well i’ll keep looking for your posts with photos of your new house and surroundings….take care

    • Thanks Karl – nice to see you’re coming along for the journey. I have family in Canada, but am yet to visit British Columbia, though I’d love to. I bet you can capture some amazing photos there! I hope you enjoy Manchester when you eventually visit 🙂

  • Alice

    Hi Holly,

    Is it possible to send you some information about en event in June in Manchester?
    Do let me know.

    • Hi Alice. Yes of course, I’d love to hear about events in Manchester. Ping me an email to [email protected] or send me a tweet @HollyNicol 🙂

      look forward to hearing from you.

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