Link Loveliness – swearing, 90s music & weddings

So what did you get up to this bank holiday? Notting Hill Carnival (I went last year)? Manchester Pride (2 days of partying)?

I had a weekend of Blackburn Beat, BBQs and binge-watching box-sets on NetFlix…. I’ve also caught up on some of my favourite blogs and found some awesome stuff on the net…

Bits & Bobs

  • Some inspirational images for getting fit and eating well!
  • Have been thinking about writing my own bucket list for a while – here’s 101 places to visit before you die! How many have you been to?
  • I’m sharing Poppy’s Love of Anthropologie and super excited that they’re opening another UK store.
  • Loving Bravissimo’s range of clothes for bigger boobs – Pepperberry. Actually buy you dress size and chooses from a variety of bust sizes, so it fits you properly and you don’t need to buy a tent to cover your boobs!
  • These vintage pics of modern day celebs are pretty awesome.
  • What the f**k should I make for dinner? Well this site will tell you, and swear along the way. Hilarious! (Don’t click if swearing offends you!)
  • The 90s button will keep you boogying all day long.


  • Loving this Hampton Court House wedding! The dress…oh the dress!
  • Really liking the style of this wedding photographer
  • Love it when pets are included in the celebrations – wish we could’ve had Bobbi at our Wedding!

What have you found on the net this week?

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My Birthday

Okay so this one’s a little late coming. A month late to be exact. But I thought I’d do a little post about my birthday.

This is kind of the first birthday I’ve properly celebrated in Manchester, so it’ll be remembered. For any of you born in the Summer, I’m not sure if you agree, but everyone is always away on my birthday…or there’s a wedding…or a festival (usually Secret Garden). So I don’t often do anything big. But being the end of July, the weather is often pretty good, so that’s a bonus! Continue reading

Andrea Bocelli – Teatro del Silenzio

On our recent holiday in Tuscany, we were lucky enough to get tickets to the often sold-out concert of Andrea Bocelli in the Teatro del Silenzio, Lajatico.

It’s something we’ve wanted to do since the family moved to Tuscany, as we heard it really is something quite special. Andrea Bocelli is from the Tuscan village of Lajatico and every Summer he performs an outdoor concert in the specially built amphitheatre in the hills. People travel from far and wide to see this once-in-a-lifetime experience and you don’t have to be a lover of opera to appreciate it.  Continue reading

5 things to do in Manchester this August Bank Holiday

Woohoo! It’s a bank holiday weekend. 3 days of fun in the sun (we hope). 3 lie-ins (fingers crossed). 3 hangovers (probably).

But how should we make the most of it? How do we make sure it’s not wasted away indoors in front of the telly?

Well here’s 5 things to do this Manchester August Bank Holiday: Continue reading

Link Loveliness – Things what I’ve found

A short Link Loveliness this week, but here’s some things I’ve found on t’interweb lately:

What have you found on your internet travels lately?

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The 2nd WeBlogMCR meet-up

As you may know, I run a series of meet-ups for bloggers in Manchester and the North-West, called WeBlogMCR. The idea is for bloggers to meet other bloggers, share experiences, tips and inspiration and to meet people you might not otherwise meet. It’s a great chance to network and also generate some awesome blog content.

The 1st WeBlogMCR meet-up was held in June at The Whim Wham Cafe and was a great success with loads of lovely bloggers showing-up :-)

The 2nd meet-up, I decided to host at Spinningfields on the Casillero del Diablo ‘Wine Legend’ bus, which was due to be on site for one day and one day only. Too good an opportunity to pass up! Continue reading

Victor’s in Hale – Food Lately

on August 12, 2014

As with all times that I try and start my diet and fitness regime, eat healthily and cut down on booze, there has been a plethora of opportunities to eat and drink out in Manchester lately. None less than the grand opening of Victor’s in Hale and a girly work night out this last week.

I’ll tell you about the opening of Victor’s, as this is something that I’ve been excited about for a while now. The owners Karina and James (the geniuses behind Southern 11 and Neighbourhood in Spinningfields) have not disappointed with the new Cheshire edition to their stylish and seriously scrummy eateries and bars. Continue reading

Link Loveliness – Health and Fitness

With the spirit of my health and fitness (or lack thereof) in mind, here’s a few things I’ve found online this week…

This deserves it’s own special mention!

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Finding the Perfect Bikini – A Review of Rosa Faia

You might remember that recently I wrote about the struggle to find the perfect bikini, having bigger boobs. The high-street doesn’t always have a lot to offer, particularly that is still chic and fashionable.

So when I was planning for our holiday to Italy, this was a big factor for me. I wanted a bikini that I felt good in, that was well designed, that held me in where I need to be held in and that doesn’t fly off when you jump in a pool :-) Being a 34F on top and size 12 on the bottom, I do struggle to find something that’s just right.  Continue reading