5 toys for 1 year olds

on May 24, 2016

So my little one is growing ridiculously quickly and her 1st birthday is only a couple of months away (eek!). It’s got me thinking that a baby’s 1st birthday is probably one of their most important (even if they don’t remember it). And inevitably it’s an excuse for me to go shopping for some new toys, as she takes quite a lot of entertaining these days!

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Tapas in Chorlton on a sunny day

Ok, so I’ve written about this place before, in fact it’s one of my favourite places to eat in the whole of Manchester (and beyond actually). With the sunshine in the sky this weekend, where better for a girly lunch than Bar San Juan in Chorlton.

And it’s not just me, I’ve heard many-a-person say that this is their favourite joint in Chorlton and it’s even been written up as one of the best places for tapas in Manchester (if not THE best).  Continue reading

My First Skinny Tan

So this isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that, I genuinely had a need (well, want) for a fake tan that I could use at home. I’m a bridesmaid in a couple of weeks and way too pastey to bear my body in the gorgeous silk dress I’ll be wearing.

I don’t really like the fake-tan-look and certainly don’t like to look anything resembling a tangerine and on the few occasions in my life where I’ve tried self-tanning products, I’ve ended up patchy, blotchy and streaky. I’ve also ended up smelling a bit biscuity and leaving tell-tale orange marks on the bed sheets. None of this I have time for now I’ve got a bubba and lets be honest, a streaky tan is never a great look is it?

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Spring is finally here!

Doesn’t it finally feel like the weather has taken a turn for the better? Like we’re finally in Spring and not far away from Summer?

What a difference the sunshine makes to my general mood, energy levels and motivation. Does it for you? I’m sure if England had a guaranteed 4 to 5 months of sunshine, we’d all be a lot happier and productive.

This Sunday just gone was such a lovely sunny day and I pretty much leaped out of bed (a rarity I can assure you!), happily pottered around the house, making breakfast and then headed out with the family on a big walk across the local meadows.  Ah I love mornings like that. Continue reading

Top Holidays with Kids

We’ve just got back from a week’s holiday in Wales, which I’ll be writing about shortly and I’m already thinking about our next trip away. I know, I know, we’ve only just been to the slopes too, but I feel like we’ve been so busy recently with lots of big changes in our lives and I just want to make the most of the precious time we have as a family.

I’ve been thinking back to our past travels, both before and since we had our baby girl and am having a serious case of wanderlust! Continue reading

5 Tips for Taking your Baby on a Ski Holiday

If you’re mad like us (!), then you may find that you take your little one on a ski holiday fairly early in their lives. We took our little one up the slopes when she was just 7 months old. Not skiing obviously, we’re not that mad!

Obviously being on the mountains in the snow, is probably not your everyday activity with your baby and completely alien when you’ve been used to your routine.  Continue reading

Lunch at Vapiano Manchester

on April 1, 2016

Those of you that read this blog will know that I love pasta. In fact, it probably is my favourite food. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with one food, it’d be pasta. Bold statement, but probably true.

So when I heard about Vapiano at the Corn Exchange, Manchester, and saw that they make their pasta fresh, from scratch every day, I knew I had to go and sample their delights.

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5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

Our little lady is quite the jet-setter already, having been on 4 flights in her short 7 months on this planet. I hate flying anyway and find the whole shenanigan a right faff and quite stressful. Add a baby to the mix and I was full of anxiety. And guess what, it actually wasn’t that bad and flight number 4 was even, dare I say it, quite relaxed.

So it got me thinking, what steps did we take to make this so? And I came up with these 5 tips for flying with a baby… Continue reading

Lunch at Australasia Manchester

on March 28, 2016

Now the indulgences of Easter Weekend are over, you’re probably looking for somewhere to have a lighter, yet equally indulgent lunch this week? I know I am! Well look no further than Australasia, on Deansgate in Manchester.

I’ve been to Australasia a few times now, usually for birthdays or date nights and it never disappoints. But I’ve always been in the evenings for dinner and cocktails. It hadn’t even occurred to me that they’d also do a lunch menu. I don’t know why it hadn’t, but I’ve been missing out all these years!

The lunch menu is served Monday to Fridays before 5pm, so perfect for those leisurely business lunches (or those leisurely non-business lunches) and is in the same tapas-inspired format, where you choose three to four dishes from a list and they are served as soon as they’re ready. I love eating like this, as it gets rid of the food envy sometimes experienced when you’re forced to choose one dish and you secretly want at least a bite of what your friend ordered! Continue reading

My Wow Kitchen

As you may know by reading this blog, I am into interior design and we’ve enjoyed doing-up our Victorian terraced house over the last two years. We completely re-vamped the kitchen and the bathroom, making them more modern but still with nods to victorian design. We re-decorated the living room and bedrooms too, with a fresh lick of paint in blue/grey hues and some cool lighting. We also added a basement conversion, which was the biggest (and most stressful) project of them all, but makes the world of difference as we now have a self-contained ensuite spare bedroom (which doubles as an office when it’s just us).

Our terraced house is limited on space though and there’s no room to extend in any way. So sometimes, I do find myself day-dreaming about a bigger house and the one thing that always comes to the forefront of these day-dreams, is a big family kitchen. A wow kitchen! So in collaboration with Homify, I’ve been thinking about what my wow kitchen would actually look like.  Continue reading