The Ultimate Chocolate Orange Cake

on February 16, 2015

I don’t often post a lot of recipes on here. I like to eat, I like to cook, but I’m not hugely accomplished in the kitchen and don’t always have a lot of time. But when Valentine’s Day loomed, I knew I had to surprise hubby with something he’d love…welcome The Ultimate Chocolate Orange Cake!

Now as I say, I’m not accomplished, so I totally followed a recipe for this one, but added in my own tweaks to make it to mine and hubby’s taste and maximise on the chocolatey-oranginess (that is a word!). Continue reading

Photoshoot with Lucy Ridges

Well this post is long overdue! Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy Ridges, a wonderfully talented photographic artist.

I was looking for a photographer to work with on my blog title photoshoot and ‘About page’ photos. As soon as I saw Lucy’s work, I loved her originality and artistic approach – I knew it’d be ideal for HollyGoesLightly. I wanted something a bit different with an artistic and sophisticated feel and if you take a look at her website, you can see the array of amazing work she’s done. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

And what a lovely Valentine’s morning I’ve had so far…

A lie in, snuggles with Bobbi (and hubby), a pain au chocolat and a little surprise waiting for me downstairs… Continue reading

Devoted Dog Food

Just before Christmas, the wonderful people at Devoted Pet Foods asked me (well actually my dog Bobbi) to trial their new premium grain free dog food. After a quick chat with Bobbi to check she was happy to change her diet for a few weeks, we agreed to give it a go.

Actually, in all seriousness, the offer came at a really good time. We’ve always struggled getting Bobbi the right food and without going into too much detail, she’s often had problems with soft poop! She’s always had a diet of dry dog food and we’ve tried a few different brands, including an organic (very expensive) dog food and yet it never seems to sit quite right with her.  Continue reading

Merry Christmas

And here it is, Christmas Day! Woohoo! 

Wow how time flies and so much has happened in this last year. We’ve settled into our new home, had 2 amazing holidays and embedded ourselves further into Manchester life. We’re excited at the year to come – I think 2015 is going to be a good one…watch this space!

Right about now, am settling into a festive cocktail, turkey in oven and obligatory Christmas CD on in the background. Am sure I’ll be asleep by mid-afternoon.

So now seems a good time to say thank you to all the readers of HollyGoesLightly and I hope you continue to check-in next year.

Lots of festive love and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Besties at Christmas

Right now I’m thinking of these lovely girlies – the best friends a girl could have. Am totally jealous as they’re 1000s of miles away, galavanting across Singapore and Bali as we speak. I wish I could be with them, but wasn’t meant to be this year.

So this is an early Merry Xmas ladies – can’t wait to see you all in 2015!




Hotel Baia Lara Antalya – Beach Cabana

on December 11, 2014

Our first ever trip to Turkey was going to be the ultimate in rest and relaxation. We spent a lot of time researching the perfect 5* all inclusive holiday resort and with the help of Thomson Holidays, opted to stay in the chic Hotel Baia Lara in the Antalya region of Turkey.

And we weren’t disappointed! We enjoyed a 10 night stay in mid September this year. We chose this time as it would still be hot (was 28-35 degrees during our stay), but there’d be less kids and families on holiday (sorry, but we wanted a romantic trip away). This hotel was also recommended by Thomson for being a good couples resort with adults-only areas. Winner! Continue reading

PicsArt App – photo editing

If you’re anything like me, you love using your phone’s camera and have every photo-editing app under the sun! Love a good filter! One I discovered a little while back, which I think is pretty awesome, is PicsArt.

It has the usual filters, colours and editing tools, but you can also add awesome things like light spots, blurs and textured effects, as well as text. You can also add cool masks, borders and frames. So at a few touches of the buttons and a couple of minutes editing, you can have some really great photos as a result! Continue reading

Bowness-on-Windermere – A Winter Weekend

on December 8, 2014

I have just got back from the most splendid, relaxing Winter weekend away in Bowness-on-Windermere. Mummy and I enjoyed a much deserved weekend away by The Lakes, staying in the wonderful Macdonald Old England Hotel and Spa, Windermere.

I’d driven through Windermere before in the past, but not stopped, so didn’t realise that we were just moments away from the most stunning quintessentially English little town on the lake – Bowness. We wanted somewhere with a stunning view of the lake, but also within walking distance to some shops and restaurants. This is exactly what we got with Bowness. Continue reading