10 things to do before 2015 – 1 month in

You might have seen my post at the beginning of last month, listing 10 things I’d like to achieve by 1st Jan 2015! Just over a month in, I thought it might be worth re-capping and see where I’m up to with the list…

1. Lose 10lbs

Well I’ve lost 5.5lbs, but technically I put 4.5lbs on while on holiday in Turkey, so really I’ve only lost 1lb! Grrrr. Damn you all inclusive holiday. But I’m fully motivated to get 9 more lbs off by 2015, so watch this space! Continue reading

Beach cover up – David Swimwear

If you’re anything like me, you occasionally like to throw something on when you’re strutting around in your bikini on holiday. I like to have the option to cover-up when I want to and this piece from the David Swimwear range is perfect for just that.

David is a beautiful Italian range of swimwear and is now available to buy in the UK here and here (among other places).  Continue reading

Tesco Wine Fair Manchester

Well fellow wine lovers, this event is for you! Tesco are taking their national wine fair across the country and coming to Manchester this weekend with the Tesco Wine Fair.

The lovely people at Tesco Wines have been kind enough to give me a few free tickets for this Sunday’s session (12pm – 5pm) at Manchester Central.

It’s a fantastic chance to learn about and sample wines from across the world and there’s a number of workshops throughout the day too.

I’d love to offer these tickets to fellow bloggers and wine lovers. So if you’d like to win a ticket, please tweet me @HollyNicol quoting “I love wine” and @TescoWines in your tweet, by 4pm on Thursday 2nd October to be in with a chance.

Chin chin!

Hello from our Beach Cabana

Just a quick note from our holiday in Turkey to say I’m thinking lots about this blog, what I want it to be and how I want it to grow.  I’ve been blogging for about 18 months now “properly” and have loved every minute of it (I just wish I had more time to spend on it!).

I think I’ve still got so much to talk about, lots to tell you about me and of course, lots of food to eat and restaurants to review!

So, as I’m sitting in our private beach Cabana, I’m feeling inspired, relaxed and incredibly grateful.

If you have anything that you’d like to see more of on this blog, or things you’d like to see that you haven’t yet, or comments in general, let me know! After all, I want you to keep reading :-)


How to look after your skin on holiday

It is so easy to forget about your skin and keeping it well protected when enjoying yourself in the sun. We all do it and think we can be out for longer than we can in the Summer don’t we?

Sunbathing and soaking up the rays in Turkey has made me think about the steps I’ve taken to look after my skin when on holiday. I have a fairly pale complexion with freckles and moles, so can’t be silly and over-expose my skin to the sun. As I’ve entered my late twenties, the importance of healthy (wrinkle-free) skin, far outweighs having a good tan. But of course I still love to have some colour and feel healthier with a bit of a tan, I just don’t bake myself relentlessly for hours a day. Continue reading

Link Loveliness – Turkey travel

on September 15, 2014

As we are about to embark on our first holiday in Turkey, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Link Loveliness to all things Turkey related.


  • Why not get married in Turkey?
  • And here’s 22 ways to incorporate your love of travel into your wedding!



  • Not exactly related to the country, but Turkey nonetheless – 10 alternative uses for a turkey baster :-)

Have you ever been to Turkey? What did you enjoy there?

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5 Brit Flicks For Your Next Film Night

I love a good film! I love the styles that different countries have developed in film, like France’s talent for an artfully crafted noir, or the flamboyant musicals of Bollywood cinema in India.

I might be a little biased, but I do love British cinema. Differences from American-based and produced films might be slim at times, but I’m always more excited at the new release of a Brit flick.

If you ever feel like “binge-watching” (an expression recently added to the online Oxford Dictionary) some great British films yourself, here are five of my personal favourites. Continue reading

Link Loveliness – Skiing, slogans and slimming

It’s been a strange week. It’s been busy, a bit stressful, tiring, but also really fun! What a weird combo. This has meant I haven’t had as much spare time to comb the internet.

The highlight of my week was heading out with the girls to face our fears and try a ‘taster session’ of skiing at The Chillfactore. It was only 50mins and such a laugh! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, as I’d like to get to the point where I can enjoy a skiing holiday with the hubby, but my confidence has always been pretty low with it. So when the girlies said they’d never skied either, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to all give it a go!

I managed to successfully stay off my arse (for most of the session anyways) and really want to sign-up for a Beginner’s course. And the Chillfactore is much better than learning on dry slopes as it’s real snow, so more like the real thing and less painful when you take a drop!

So, on to this week’s Link Loveliness:

What cool stuff have you found on the net this week?


Warehouse Tales of the City Preview

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be invited over to the Warehouse Tales of the City collection preview, by Manchester Arndale, as an official ‘MA VIP’. Woohoo!

The evening was for us bloggers to preview the new Warehouse Autumn/Winter collection, in store, while enjoying some bubbly and cupcakes (courtesy of the wonderful Hey Little Cupcake).  Continue reading

10 things to do before 2015

With just 122 days left of 2014, I got thinking about all the things I have and haven’t achieved so far this year. It’s been a blimmin’ busy year, but there’s still a few things I’d like to get done before 2015.

Here are my 10 things to do before 2015: Continue reading